Seated Exercise brought to you by Becky Adams

Clinical Exercise Specialist

The seated exercises are designed to enhance health and well-being by improving mobility.

Following the positive experience of our seated exercise sessions in our group meetings we are providing this in our Youtube Channel so that our members can enjoy the benefits from the comfort of their own home. We are, at the same time, extending access to those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer though not yet members or who are affected by a condition which may carry the same mobility limitations that might affect cancer sufferers.

We encourage our members to partake in our online recorded sessions, especially during this period in which we cannot hold our regular meetings.

The sessions can be played through the website as below, or found directly on YouTube, on YouTube enabled devices (search ‘Acorn Cancer Support Group’).

Feedback on the videos would be very much appreciated. Please send us your thoughts on a very short form at the following link:

Please give feedback here

Pulse Racer

Becky takes you through some gentle seated exercises to mildly activate your pulse and lungs to help increase overall fitness and well-being.

Circulation Booster and Coordination

Becky takes you through some seated exercises working your stomach, back and neck that will help boost your circulation, and improve your coordination.

Get Revived and Exercised

Join Becky in some gently seated activity that will boost your well-being.

Hand Exercises to Improve Dexterity

Becky’s wrist and grip strengthening exercises will help your everyday life and get our brains working. Have some fun and follow along in this session with her.

Postural Strengthening

Increase your postural strength with Becky.
During each day the body naturally gathers tension around the neck, shoulders, and upper back. These exercises can make you feel better by helping to release this tension, and increase your strength to maintain a better posture.

Improve Your Balance

Try the seated balance exercises, they will improve your your balance and stability when you’re on your feet.

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