Online Sessions

The online sessions which were created for the COVID-19 lockdown remain available. These can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home for both Seated Exercises and Creative Visualisation.  Please choose below as required:

Seated Exercises

Creative Visualisation

Relaxation Therapies at Meetings

Group Activites

We offer two types of relaxation methods which are enjoyed as a group:

This is a seated group session where the therapist will talk you through a visualization that will help you to relax e.g. a garden walk.

With practise you will be able to create your own haven of peace by taking yourself off to your special place whenever you need to.

As well as taking place in out meetings, these exercises can also be performed in the comfort of your own home by following our pre-recorded sessions:

Creative Visualisation

In this case a CD is played and the commentary on it is designed to encourage you to visualise a journey or scenario that helps you to relax.

Seated exercise takes place as a group activity that aims to enhance health by improving mobility.

As well as taking place in out meetings, these exercises can also be performed in the comfort of your own home by following our pre-recorded sessions:

Seated Exercises

Individual Relaxation Sessions

Highly qualified and experienced complementary therapists offer the following range of relaxation sessions:

Aromatherapy is a gentle therapy using pure essential oils extracted from plants. The massage can relax both the body and the mind. 

You will need to remove clothes from the part of the body to be massaged and lie on a treatment couch. Alternatively, for a neck and shoulder massage you can sit at a table and lean the upper part of your body on a comfortable support made specially for the purpose.

The rationale behind reflexology is that the whole body is reflected in the feet, with various parts of the feet corresponding to particular parts of the body.

During a reflexology session you will lie down or be seated comfortably and will need to remove shoes and socks. The therapist will give a very gentle and rhythmic foot massage which may help to relieve tension and promote relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

Reiki is an Eastern technique of energy which is passed through the position of the hands gently touching various parts of the body starting with the head and then working down the front of the body, finishing on the feet.

You will be in any position that is comfortable to you, either seated or lying down, fully clothed.

It may help to bring the body and emotions to work together in harmony in our stressful lives and promotes natural self-healing.

This is a “gentle giant” of massage. Instead of the hands, the soft surface of the forearm is used.  

This covers a much wider area of the body creating a continuous, almost hypnotic, soft flow. This lets the mind and body relax at a deep level, thereby encouraging the whole self to balance its energies.

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