The Acorn Cancer Support Group Donations St Ives Rotary Club Donates £500

St Ives Rotary Club Donates £500

We are very thankful to have received a £500 donation from the St Ives Rotary Club.

The St Ives Rotary Club has long been supporters of The Acorn Cancer Support Group. To show our thanks and appreciation Gordon Dyer from Acorn attended a recent meeting of the St Ives Rotary Club. During the meeting Gordon shared some insights into the work of the charity and some of the challenges encountered due to the recent pandemic.

We would very much like to thank all those involved with the Rotary Club for their fantastic work, kind donation and ongoing support. We would also like to thank all of those within the local community who support their fundraising activities throughout the year.

St Ives Rotary Club donates to the Acorn Cancer Support Group

From Left to right: Gordon Dyer (Acorn) and Julian Thomas (The current President of the St Ives Rotary Club),

Photo: April 2022